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Dirty dryer vent, a safety hazard

Safety is ALWAYS First

...And as you can see, we often encounter vent debris that presents a terribly dangerous fire hazard! When you think of fire safety in your home, you may not even consider your clothes dryer – but you should! Just like your chimney system, your dryer venting system is designed to remove dangerous byproducts - like heat, moisture and gasses - from your home and keep your appliance working as designed.

After testing your airflow and system temperature, cleaning involves removing the dryer, brushing and blowing the system and restoring it to like-new performance with no mess. Before restoring your system, we'll double check the airflow and overall performance to make sure everything is operating at peak efficiency. Our expert technicians will also handle any needed repairs.

We Also Clean Dryers - Here's Why It's SO Important:

We also check to make sure your dryer is completely free of lint! If you haven't had a dryer vent cleaning in a long time, that pressure from the venting system can create lint buildup in the dryer itself. Since that's where all the heat is - including your gas flame and heating element - that's where fires can start

Before and After examples:

Example of before and after dryer vent cleaning

Another example of before and after dryer vent cleaning

You'll typically see drying times decrease dramatically!

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