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Nothing Adds Comfort and Value like a Cozy Fireplace

Advanced Maintenance Services has been a home comfort specialist for years. A fireplace provides delightful warmth through chilly Indiana winters. But what about the mess - what about the dangers?

AMS can help! Without a doubt, step one is to make sure your chimney is in tip top shape and clean as a whistle - NEVER start using a fireplace until you've had a proper inspection and sweep first! For the low down on how we go about that, jump over to this information about chimney cleaning and inspections. We provide guaranteed professional maintenance of your chimney and fireplace to ensure both safety and comfort.

AMS offers a variety of self-contained fireplace inserts that use wood, gas or pellets and virtually eliminate the smoke, smells, and mess associated with fireplaces. Plus, they're extremely efficient, delivering most of the heat energy into your home instead of up the chimney.

If you'd like to discuss upgrading to a wood, pellet or gas-burning insert or stove, give us a call and we'll be happy to make some recommendations that fit your style and budget. It is absolutely worthwhile to take proper care of your chimney and fireplace to maintain a preferable living space.

Installation & Repair

On the other hand, if you love the traditional approach, we can help with installation and repair as well. AMS values both functionality and ambience of chimneys and fireplaces. With years of masonry experience, Todd Nix and his team can build or re-build your fireplace into a wonderful centerpiece to your home that you will enjoy for years to come.

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